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The Immortal MacLeod

Cailean MacLeod, an immortal who swore never to love again, finds himself in the middle of a battle to protect humanity from a powerful, mythical race of fae.

When the famous author, Tessa Anderson, comes to stay in his castle in an attempt to get away from a painful past, he soon realizes that he must also protect her from himself.

Battling against temptation, he repeatedly pushes Tessa away, only to realize that he was never the one in control to begin with. Now he must fight to save the woman who stole his heart, while protecting the human race from the fae who wish to control them.

Julia D.


“Interesting characters with great chemistry, romance, action and a gripping storyline that will have you staying up way too late as you tell yourself 'just one more chapter!'. When book two is released it will be an instabuy for me."

Bernadette G.


“Vibrant, intriguing, exciting sexy and funny. Late nights and social cancellations as I could not put this book down and have been left with a deep longing for book 2. Brilliantly written."

Robert B.


“Very enjoyable adventure with excellent action. The author's humor comes across so clearly in the book and makes this a very entertaining read. I'm looking forward to her next book already."

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