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Diary of a Kid Witch

Diary of a Kid Witch


Skyler Appleby is just a normal kid living a normal life in a normal school when her world is suddenly changed forever on her tenth birthday.

Finding out you are an honest to goodness witch is enough to make any kid think they’ve won the lottery, but unfortunately it comes with bad news too…she has to move to a brand new school for magical kids and leave her ‘normal’ friends behind.

While trying to deal with bullies, spells, and potion making, Skyler and her new friends must work together to save their school and teachers from the scary Grogs who are trying to steal the Scroll of Death which contains a spell that can bring back Moruga, one of the most evil witches of all time.

Diary of a kid witch single png
Diary of a Kid Witch

Diary of a Kid Witch


Skyler Appleby’s first summer as a witch turns out to be anything but normal when she and her two best friends decide to go to camp.

It turns out that even ‘normal kid’ camp can be filled with the most unusual and very un-normal creatures. 

When everyone starts getting sick at Camp Happy Feet, it’s up to Skyler, Sierra, and Jade to figure out what’s causing the illness and how to cure it before they themselves become unfortunate victims and get sent home mid-summer.